"Tasting Empreintes
Côte des Bar"

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Hôtel de la Paix - Salle Copenhague
9, rue Buirette, 51100 Reims

"Tasting & Diner Vigneron
au Garde Champêtre"

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Animated by the same passion and the desire to introduce the diversity of our wines, we are a new generation of winemakers from the Côtes des Bar in Champagne.

United by the terroir in which we were born and raised, we wish to share what brings us together: our youth, our generosity, and the expression of our unique wines.

Each one with his or her own identity and interpretation of our terroir, our generation wishes to make our marks on the profession of winemaker.

Come meet these women and men, taste their wines and discover their stories!

Champagne Brocard Pierre

10 Chemin du Bruyant
10110 Celles-sur-Ource

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Champagne François Diligent

24 Grande Rue
10110 Buxeuil

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Champagne Domaine la Borderie

Chemin de la ferme de la Folie
10110 Bar-sur-Seine

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Champagne Gallimard

20 Rue Gaston Cheq le Magny
10340 Les Riceys

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Champagne Jean Josselin

14 Rue des Vannes
10250 Gyé-sur-Seine

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Champagne Louise Brison

10, Le Grand Mallet
10360 Noé-les-Mallets

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Champagne C.H. Piconnet

43 Grande Rue
10250 Neuville-sur-Seine

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